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  That is tourism  
Definition, major web sites

  Sale tourist business  
Sale tourism business.

  Underwater scuba diving  
Swimming or walking underwater with breathing apparatus... Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, caves, pools :))

  Sky diving  
By parachute from an airplane, balloon or other aircrafts.

Mountains, nature, cultural attractions, ... by 11-th bus (afoot), tourist buses or minivans, off-road vehicles, SUVs, catamarans, cruise liners, ...

Photo gallery can be found at

  Family vacations  
For family: hiking ... cruises; relax ... sports; nature ... towns; beach cottages ... luxury hotels.

  Cruise vacations  
Cruising worldwide...

Journeys, for leisure or educational purposes. Culture and Study Tours. Duration: one day ... one year.

  Bicycle touring  
Bicycle tour listings. Non-Motorized!

  Kayak touring  
Ocean - sea - lake - river kayak tours for beginners ... advanced paddlers.

  Golf tours  
Golf tour operators, golf resorts, hotels, ...

  Mountain park lodge  
Romantic... relax, nature, sports... = Health?

"Rafting is a recreational activity utilizing a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water". (Other bodies of water are: whitewater, waterfall, rock-water mixture...)

Relax-tours on unpaved rural roads - see Bicycling, Sightseeing. In these part: Hotel Relax.

Hot air balloons. "Soft winds and gentle landings".

Bicycling or simply biking, tricycling, quadracycling, and other similar wheeled human-powered vehicles (HPVs), as a form of recreation.

  Mountain biking  
Bike tours from mountain peaks.

Boating tours around or along ...

Sea (river, lake) fishing tours.

Walking with the purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery.

Travel to natural areas that conserves the environment.


Useful travel information:

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Every time we decide to go on holiday, we need to ensure our trip. That is why we contact different travel companies in first place and ask for help or recommendations in case they do not propose already insurance.

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